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Arranging a Direct Cremation - following committal

The funeral has taken place, what happens next?

Arranging a Direct Cremation - following committal

The funeral has taken place, what happens next?

Following the committal

After the committal, what happens next


The Little Funeral Company will notify you when the cremation has taken place. Depending on the decisions that you made before the Direct Cremation was arranged, the cremated remains will either be scattered in the Crematorium's Garden of Remembrance or collected by us to be returned to you.


If the remains are to be returned to you then you may wish to have them transferred into an urn or scattertube. We are able to provide a wide range of suitable urns and other specialist cremated remains containers in a wide range of materials, colours and styles. Alternatively, if you would like to provide your own urn we would be happy to transfer them for a small additional charge.

Celebration of a life

Even though you have opted not to have a funeral service at the Crematorium there is no reason why you can not join together with family and friends and pay tribute to your loved one, just as you might do following a traditional funeral service when a 'wake' is held. Despite it's rather archaic sounding name, a 'wake' need not be a morbid event.


Some suggestions on how you could celebrate their life might include:


  • A family meal with picture albums or even a moving tribute 
  • A day out or even a holiday with the family to a place which brings back special memories which may involve you taking their cremated remains to scatter
  • A fundraising event held in their honour for a charity that mean't something to them
  • Plant a tree in their memory
  • Do something that you have always been afraid of doing and dedicate it to their memory. For example, if you don't like heights take a trip in a hot air balloon!

Final resting place for Cremated Remains

So, rather than have the Cremated Remains scattered in the Crematorium you have opted to have them returned to you, but what are your options?


Here are some suggestions :


  • Take them to a special place and scatter them - The most popular option is to scatter remains. Some people scatter them at home, others take them to a place with a sentimental connection either in the UK or abroad. You should not only give some consideration to where they are to be scattered but also the weather conditions and time of day. Choosing a popular location is fine, but peace and quiet is important for such a personal and private event, so think about early in the morning or later in the afternoon when crowds have dispersed. Most landowners would be unlikely to object to you scattering remains but you should always seek their permission before doing so. 
  • Interment of Cremated Remains - Interment or burial of Cremated Remains is also a permanent option. Remains can be interred in a Cemetery, churchyard or other burial ground. Please be aware that unless you already own a burial plot, interment of Cremated Remains can be an expensive option.
  • Jewellery - This only requires a small sample ( approx. 1 teaspoon) which is mixed with molten glass to produce a unique and highly personal item of jewellery including rings, pendants, charm beads or even paperweights.
  • Place in a decorative urn or Keepsake - If Cremated Remains are to be kept for any length of time then you may wish to place them in an urn. Alternatively, smaller keepsake urns are available should you only wish to keep a smaller sample and scatter the remainder.

Whether you are looking for caring advice or ready to arrange a funeral for your loved one, we are here to help...

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