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Arrange an Unattended Direct Cremation

Arrange an Unattended Direct Cremation today for someone who has passed away.

Our Unattended Direct Funeral package includes everything you need.

Arrange an Unattended Direct Cremation

Arrange an Unattended Direct Cremation today for someone who has passed away.

Our Unattended Direct Funeral package includes everything you need.

What is an Unattended Direct Cremation?

A straightforward, respectful funeral without procession, service or family in attendance.



Our Unattended Direct Cremation is as straightforward as it's name would suggest and is designed for those who want 'no fuss.' 

It is the complete opposite of a traditional funeral as the funeral itself takes place behind closed doors. Being unattended, no one other than our funeral staff are present at the time of committal and there is no service held at the crematorium for family to attend. A simple coffin is transported in a dignified manner in a discreet funeral vehicle to the crematorium in time for the committal but there is no procession. 

How a Unattended Direct Funeral works...

Simple but dignified ~ Unattended Direct Cremation


  1. Telehone us on 0121 387 2593 and inform us that you wish to arrange a Unattended Direct Cremation for someone who has passed away.
  2. Depending on where your loved one has passed away, our own staff will arrange to collect your loved one from their place of rest and bring them into our care.
  3. Once you have registered the death you will be contacted by one of our caring funeral arrangers who will complete the necessary paperwork with you and answer any questions you may have. All you need is an email address and internet access to complete the forms, it's really simple. Once these forms have been completed and payment made, the crematorium booking will be confirmed.
  4. On the day of the cremation the coffin will be taken directly to the crematorium where the cremation will take place. There will be no family in attendance and there will be no service. You can request to be notified of the day the cremation is to take place.
  5. Your loved ones cremated remains will either be scattered in the Crematorium Garden of Remembrance or can be returned to you (for an additional cost.)

In Summary

A Unattended Direct Cremation costs £1,319 and includes collection from place of rest*, basic preparation and dressing in a simple gown, a simple wooden coffin, Cremation fee and transportation in a specialised, discreet funeral vehicle on the day to the crematorium.

*Additional Services

Doctor's fees ~ £82.00
Removal of Pacemaker ~ £50.00
Bringing your loved one into our care (non-hospital setting) ~ £100.00
Out of hours conveyance ~ £175.00
Bringing your loved one into our care (non-local address) ~ from £100.00
'In Person' arrangements ~ £100.00
Multiple Conveyance ~ £100.00
Return of Cremated Remains ~ £50.00

What's not included in our Unattended Direct Cremation

Whether you are looking for caring advice or ready to arrange a funeral for your loved one, we are here to help...

Call us

Dudley - 01384 881508

Sandwell - 0121 387 2593

Wolverhampton & Walsall - 01902 240266

Cookley & Kidderminster - 01562 547722

Our family are here to support you 24/7 

Our benefits ~ The Little Funeral Company...


  1. Local - No 'national network' of call centres here, but trusted, experienced and friendly funeral arrangers.
  2. Your loved one is treated with dignity and respect throughout and will remain at our family funeral home until the day of the cremation whereby they will be taken by own trusted staff to a local crematorium.
  3. Focus on remembering your loved one in your own special way whilst allowing us to oversee their care as well as the practicalities of arranging a funeral.
  4. All arrangements will be managed efficiently by phone and paperwork will be completed using easy to use technology.
  5. Free telephone bereavement advice.

I'm looking to plan ahead for my own funeral


A pre-paid funeral plan is designed to ensure that your wishes are met as well as help protect your family from rising funeral costs.

We offer two dedicated simple funeral plans.