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About us - The Little Funeral Company

Why you should place your trust in us

About us - The Little Funeral Company

Why you should place your trust in us

Our Aim

To provide a local, high quality Direct Cremation service delivered through attentive and personal care at the lowest possible price


About Us

A good value service from a family name you can trust 


The Walters family who are behind the 'Little Funeral Company' have been providing high quality traditional funerals in the West Midlands for more than 170 years and are proud to provide first rate care to their community to this day. Whereas once a large funeral was the norm, recent years has seen a shift towards a more simple approach. There have been a number of factors which have led to this change. Amongst them, the perceived high cost of funerals has resulted in more people seeking a cheaper alternative, whereas the recent pandemic has been intrumental in quickening the trend towards a 'no fuss' funeral.


A 'no fuss' funeral can mean many things to many people and A & A Walters offer tailor-made funeral service to suit all requirements and budgets.


The 'Little Funeral Company' however specialises in fulfilling the need for a very specific type of 'no fuss' funeral - a Direct Cremation. You can find out more about the differences between a Direct Cremation and a more Traditional cremation here.


Why the 'Little Funeral Company'?

Direct Cremations where there is no service at the crematorium are so very different from more traditional attended funerals.  They should not be seen as a 'step down' from traditional funerals but rather something which takes a completely different approach to long held traditions of what a funeral should entail. This distinct alternative, we felt, warranted a different approach by us, hence the birth of the 'Little Funeral Company'.

How is The Little Funeral Company different?


By focusing on Direct Cremation we can respond more effectively to the specific needs of our customers.


We are able to combine the very many years of experience and renown customer care from an award winning family team to give a level of personal attention only a family business can provide. 


Through the use of technology and reduced overheads we are able to provide a high quality, low cost alternative.


Because our Directors are involved in the day to day running of our business we are able to maintain a flexible approach to what we do. Always with the aim of providing the best possible service to families in our care.

Whether you are looking for caring advice or ready to arrange a funeral for your loved one, we are here to help...

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